April 3, 2010

CHAPTER VI - 6.2 Keep A Dream Journal.

6.2 Keep A Dream Journal.

Dreams are hard to remember but there are techniques to improve the situation.(1)

1-    Before getting to sleep, it is suggested to put a pen and notebook or a voice recorder next to your pillow or on a table next to your bed;

2-    Say or think a few words that you will remember your dream after you awake. Repeat it five to ten times before asleep;

3-    Upon awakening, lie quietly before getting out of bed. It is recommended not to have any physical movement;

4-    In this state, try to remember every detail of the dream, let it unfold from the beginning till the end, and it is recommended not to try to interpret the dream content or add any thought to the dream;

After recalling the dream, it is suggested to write it down on a notebook or record it on your recorder.  

(to continue - 6.3 Evaluating Your Dreams.)

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