October 10, 2010


9.1 Application.

 Firstly, we have to define which dream is useful to our work on creative product. For example, if you are currently handling a brochure about a construction company, you may expect that your dream contain elements which relate to the current work. If you dream of usual images, like having a family dinner or having breakfast, this kind of dreams may only be reflections of your daily life and they do not contain elements that will help the brochure work.

To successfully induce a dream, which relate to your creative product, it relies on motivation. The more motivated you are, your capacity to dream of helpful creative dream increases. And motivation relies on how strong our emotion is for that matter. The following shows: 

9.2 Conclusion.

Dreaming is a state where we can access our inner self and our subconscious mind, a place where it lodges our memory, knowledge, desire, emotion, personal views and our thoughts. Through the dreaming process, we could access this full resources to discover new combination, which we could not access easily in waking state.

Can dream be a source of creativity? Yes, sure it is, but it is not for everyone. Based on the analysis of the theory and the results of the questionnaires, interviews and experiments, the following is discovered:

-    How we view dreams decides how much inspiration we could obtain from the dream. If we view bizarreness, illogical, abstract elements as interesting sources for creativity, they are no doubt our sources of inspirations.

-    Temporary loss of memory is a popular phenomena which block us from obtaining inspiration in dreams. The more we recall our dreams, the more resources we have. So, it is recommended to keep a dream journal at the bedside.

-    Intense dreams contain powerful resources for creativity. Because how we feel has a large effect on what we think.

-    Knowledge and different kind of experience foster creativity. The more knowledge and experience we have, the more creative resources we have. Somehow, dreams are part of our life experience and an effect experienced in a dream is in no way inferior to one of like intensity experienced in waking life, due to the reason that dream is consider as part of our real psychic experiences.

The elements of creative products are around us everywhere, especially within us. The material is all there. All we need to do is access it, find a new combination. What prevent us is our habit of seeing things in the same old familiar way.

We are living in a rational world and everything must be logical. Creativity is defined as a generation of new ideas or concept, and an act of making something new and useful. It needs breakthrough, and we need to think outside the box. As a matter of fact, ideas, inspiration usually occurs when the individual is in a relax situation or doing something without consciousness or doing something enjoyable. In this situation, dreaming can provides us with elements, which are difficult to occur in our logical world. Combining interesting images we observe in the dream fosters creative thinking. Can dream be a source of creativity? The answer is yes but it all depends on how you look at your dreams. The more you regard dreams as inspirational and valuable, they are likely to become more and more so.

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