August 12, 2010


7.1 Personal Interviews.

Brenda Ferrimani began her artistic work in the 1980’s as a graphic designer, operating her own design firm with clients throughout the state of Colorado, where she resides. During this time she also became known in the area for the historic murals she painted with private and public commissions, and for her work as President of the Berthoud Arts and Humanities Alliance, lending her support to other Colorado artists. (to continue) 

7.2 Questionnaires.

During the period between September and November, I sent out a total of 70 questionnaires to artists and graphic, web, product, interior designers and graphic design students, from different countries. These people are from Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and others. The results of the questionnaires are below: (to continue)


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