March 31, 2010


Why do we care about our dreams? Why do we have to develop our dreams in order to get inspirations? Many people have these kinds of questions in mind and they just do not realize that their dreams hold great potential to creativity. The products which are inspired by dreams will be far more original, in most cases, than the products that are devised simply by using thought process in waking life. In addition to the benefit of greater originality in our products, we can also gain the value of greater unity of self, of our waking and dream lives. The more we use elements from our dream life, the more we will be able to develop and express our own unique personality, at its integrated best.

As we mentioned in the previous chapter, creative dreams generally happen in two ways: in the first, dreamers observe the creative product in its totality in the dream. At other times, the dream provides the mood or idea from which the creative product evolves in a waking state. These creative products from dreams can be the result of deliberately planned creative dreaming as well as the result of unplanned creative dreaming. They can just happen to us or we can induce them.

6.1 Dream Incubation.

Human interest in dreams dates back five thousand years. Lots of written records have been found in some of the first civilizations including formulas to incubate dreams. “Since dream incubation was defined as the practice of going to a sacred place to sleep for the purpose of obtaining a useful dream from a god, they believed that they needed holy places and gods.”(1) In former times, dream incubation was practiced in ancient Greece when sick people would stay in the Dream Temple, asking the gods for a dream of healing. Dreamers practiced incubation to obtain advice on problems and to become healed from a variety of afflictions. Nowadays, modern therapists effort to use dreams therapeutically probably descended from these ancient practices. (to continue)

6.2 Keep A Dream Journal. 

Dreams are hard to remember but there are techniques to improve the situation. (to continue) 

6.3 Evaluating Your Dreams.

After writing down your dream, it is suggested to combine images/ideas of dreams with the creative product that you are recently working on. This helps stimulate your creative thinking.

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